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Dehradun is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. Located in the Garhwal region, it is 236 km north of India's capital New Delhi and is one of the "Counter Magnets" of the National Capital Region (NCR) being developed as an alternative centre of growth to help ease the migration and population explosion in the Delhi metropolitan area. The city is famous for its picturesque landscape and slightly milder climate and provides a gateway to the surrounding region. It is well connected and in proximity to popular Himalayan tourist destinations such as Mussoorie, Nainital and Auli and the Hindu holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the Himalayan pilgrimage circuit of Char Dham.

Proud Voters of Doon

Recently, on 7th of May, 2014, there was elections in Uttarakhand. This season we notice all time high record voting everywhere, thanks to Media, Social Media which creates awareness in general public about the importance of voting. Every one was so tired of corruption, महँगाई  that everyone (including me) wants to get rid of all these problems and look stable government who can provide good solid governance. And I am pretty sure this elections will be turning point in Indian history and we soon get the government we all looking forward. Like all are saying these days “अच्छे दिन आने वाले है “ ..

However, get back to our own city Dehradun, here in Dehradun there was 62% voting this time, while Uttarakhand records 62.75% voting. I congratulate all doonites who cast their vote and I hope they castes their vote to right candidates.  We invited voters of Doon to share their selfie with us after voting and Thanks to all who shared their selfie after their proud work. We are also feeling proud to share those selfies here. So here are some of the Proud Voters of Doon.


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