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Dehradun is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. Located in the Garhwal region, it is 236 km north of India's capital New Delhi and is one of the "Counter Magnets" of the National Capital Region (NCR) being developed as an alternative centre of growth to help ease the migration and population explosion in the Delhi metropolitan area. The city is famous for its picturesque landscape and slightly milder climate and provides a gateway to the surrounding region. It is well connected and in proximity to popular Himalayan tourist destinations such as Mussoorie, Nainital and Auli and the Hindu holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the Himalayan pilgrimage circuit of Char Dham.

Tourist Information Centers

The tourist information centers in Dehradun helps visitors with quality and effective information about the local attractions and other relevant data. They are a vital part of the tourist industry.

The tourist information centers in Dehradun provide visitors information on Dehradun’s local attractions and other tourist places. However the activity of the tourist information centers in Dehradun are not limited to the attractions of the place; the tourist information centers in Dehradun provides information about the lodgings and maps relevant to tourism. The information available from the tourist information centers in Dehradun are concise and accurate.

The tourist information centers in Dehradun impart information not only on Dehradun’s local attractions but also on the places to stay in Dehradun. The tourist information centers in Dehradun provide information on hotels (all categories) and restaurants.

The tourist information centers in Dehradun are situated near a high traffic area i.e a place where a number of people congregate.

There are 3 tourist information centers in Dehradun. The address of the 3 tourist information centers in Dehradun are:

Regional Tourist Office
Hotel Drona
45, Gandhi Road
Phone: (0135)2653217

Director of Tourism (Hills)
3/3, Industrial Area, Patel Nagar
Phone: (0135)2627406

Garhwal Mandal Vikas Limited (GMVN)
Sachivalaya Building, Survey Chowk, Lansdowne Marg
Phone: (0135)2651071, 2656817

The location of Dehradun makes it a great tourist location. Dehradun is nestled among the wide and densely forested valley of the Shivalik ranges. The place is known for its salubrious climate. Dehradun was once an administrative center of the legendary Garhwal kings. For the food connoisseur, Dehradun presents another attraction-it is the home of the luscious apples of Himachal.

Travel Tips in Dehradun
Being a tourist, you would always be interested in knowing the place you are traveling to and more importantly you would definitely like to carry along some useful tips about that city.

It is very important that you are well aware of the customs and traditions of Dehradun before you step out for a journey. Being a foreigner and unaccustomed to the city, you must be having an insight to all those factors that would help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Climate in Dehradun is very much extreme in nature with weather being too chilly during winters and too hot during summers. During the winters, Dehradun experiences cold wave due to the influence of disturbances from hills. A typical winter morning is very foggy with thick layer of smog all around. Summers are experienced during the month of April to July before monsoon sets in. Day temperature in summers rises above 40 Degree Celsius with some respite in the evening.

Some Other Useful Travel Tips for Foreigners and Tourists
•    Avoid carrying too much of cash while moving in the city.
•    Keep your wallet in an inner pocket of a jacket or shirt. Avoid keeping it in the rear pocket.
•    ATM networks of major banks can be found at any location within Dehradun. So, it better to use plastic money instead of carrying cash all the time.
•    Keep your pocketbooks within the bend of the elbow or wrap it around if the strap is big. Always keep your pocketbooks on your lap while dinning and sitting at a common place.
•    Never open the doors of the hotel room without asking the identity of the person knocking the door.
•    It is advisable to keep all your valuables like jewellery and passport in a safe place of your hotel room.
•    Be conscious of your luggage and other belongings at Airports, railway Stations and Bus Terminals.
•    If you have a business appointment with a potential client, then you must look into the credentials of the company and the person you would be meeting. It is advisable that you meet at a common place like restaurants and cafes.
•    You should always go to “May I Help You” counter at Airports and Railway Stations for any help.
•    Be cautious of the pickpocket and frauds in the city.
•    Avoid traveling alone at night, especially in sparsely populated localities.
•    Avoid mixing with unknown person and don’t have faith in what they tell or inform you. In case of any assistance, you must visit the Dehradun Police Vans, which can be found at any corner of the city. Also, you can dial 100 from anywhere in Dehradun in order to register complaints.
•    If you are a female then avoid shaking hands and mixing with general people in the crowd. As far as possible prefer wearing full trousers instead of a Capri or minis.
•    Guides and waiters would normally expect 10% of the total bill as a token of service.
•    Gatekeepers and bellboys would normally expect Rs. 50 as a tip.
•    You must abide by the rules and regulations of the city and enjoy the wonderful experience of staying in the historical city of Dehradun.

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